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Bio of Hajja Jamillah Abdul-Kareem “Chaplain Jamillah”
Mc Glamorous of the Legendary Juice Crew Allstars

Glamorous (born JoAnn Berry July 19, 1967), resided in Freeport, Long Island, New York. However, she moved to the next town over. Graduated Roosevelt Jr Sr High School Class of “85” Rough Rider! Glamorous was a very interesting artist. She is the cousin of the world renowned Late Chuck Berry. Her style placed her in position as one of the first female emcees from Long Island underground. She has been displaying this talent through poetry since the late 70’s. Ever since she heard The Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rappers Delight”.
This would fuel her to target opportunity. She made a demo that aired the radio waves before hitting the main stream, thanks to Mathematics (Spam). She is the female voice on the promo of the Super Rockin Mr. Magic Rap Attack. She was an artist on Pop Art Records as one of the “The Glamour Girls” then joined the Juice Crew. Soon she released her own LP on Prism Records “Good to Go” and “I know you want Me”. These tracks immediately positioned her as one of the only 3 female pioneers On Cold Chillin Records’ Juice Crew All Stars. She wrote her own lyrics on the Hip Hop Black history LP called “Evolution” where she portrayed Maya Angelou. She is also the accredited writer for her own verse on Marley Marls – Juice Crew All-stars track, featuring, Kool G Rap, Craig G, MC Shan, Roxanne Shante, and Tragedy. Also the hook for T-La Rock’s – Come Give It to Me. Glamorous wasn’t only an Artist at Cold Chillin Records, she was a Cold Chillin Record Label employee. While working there she met many artist on the next door label. T-La Rock whom she married in September of 1990 and divorced later on. Embraced Islam married an Imam. Which caused her to end her working with Nile Rodgers of CHIC.
Now, Hajja Jamillah Abdul Kareem, wife and a mother of 9, reverted to Islam over 26 years. Currently a Community Crisis Chaplain with United States-New York State Chaplain Task Force (US-NYSCTF) and A DAT Responder with The American Red Cross Disaster Action Team (DAT). Currently and employee of ICNA Relief USA -NY as the Resource Center Coordinator and Office Assistant. Appointed by the Nassau County Legislators and County Executive Laura Curran to The Asian American Advisory Council formulated in 2019. Resolution NO. 92-2019 (Alhumdulillah)

The First Female Muslim Clergy in charge of the Islamic Muslim Services at Nassau County Correctional Center in East Meadow, Long Island, New York. The Receiver of the Long Island Golden Era Hip Hop Award at the TAHAD Festival 2019.
Among her talents she is an outreach worker, an advocate and mentor in communities across NYC and all the boroughs including Long Island Nassau County. A volunteer for various different Not for Profit and outreach programs such as S.O.S. Crown Heights Save Our Streets that promotes Peace and help advocate for families who are victims of Gun violence. Also, she was a member of East Brooklyn Connect. She has her training in Disaster Prepare readiness and she is an instructor for US-NYSCTF training other Chaplains to Dare to Care!
Among her achievements she has various awards and Certificates of Appreciation. All this and then some. She manages to maintain her practices of her faith and help others who enter her faith.
A Mortician for Muslim Women, a Song Writer, Author, Baker, Seamstress, and a Pioneer of Hip Hop! Google Her!