I’m trying to figure out, what’s this person problem, I’m a Chaplain I can assist in helping him solve them. Why he hating on me, just leave my Bio be. I’m putting you on blast and I hope the world cast their eyes on how evil your acting, why my story you keep subtracting. I’m […]

People like to talkA good talk But they don’t walk A good walk Telling us lies Of events thatHappened beforeWe were bornTorture SlaveryMassacresLeaving generations Scorned For centuries They have tried toKeep a race of people down They’ve attacked our leadersLook how they Falsely keep locked upH rap BrownI don’t have to get in to every Horrific eventBut fightingBlood shedAnd tearsIs how our history Was spent Black White Brown And the JewsAll […]