Stop the hatred Stop the nonsense You’re causing unnecessary pain On a people that contribute To making almost everything Africa China India Pakistan Black, Yellow, Brown You’re hating a human That’s so inhumane You’re disobeying Allah’s command You’re ignorant to the fact You don’t understand We need to stand up Be strong And Boycott those […]

Racism is not apart of the worship of Islam, But you have non black Muslims treating Black Muslims with harm. You can try and front and say you’re Muslim and that you’re not a racist. Stop lying to yourself and face it. Tell the truth, you don’t like Muslims that are darker than you, Louder […]

I truly believe that all people with faith and submission to God, that are practicing their faith, are already doing chaplaincy at some part and time of their life. It is the individuals that put their time and heart into doing it. If we can connect with or seek these individuals out we can build […]