Journey with Me


When trying to help someone, don’t make the mistake of being judgmental. They’re already messed up from their mistake or decision that may have gotten them in a difficult situation.

They do not need anymore pressure from you.

Journey with them through the pain and suffering. After a while through comfort and Relief they will see for themselves what happened.

The only thing they may need from you is monitoring. Watch them and observe them. You may need to offer some guidance. However, be mindful of the situation. Some people may grieve too long or what ever they are suffering can develop into something else.

Suffering a loss can lead to depression. Depression can lead to a number of other things. Not eating, not socializing, not taking care of self, and may even lead to suicide.

Everyone is accountable for their own actions. Be careful of yours.

If you are judgemental it may jump to something not good. Keep an eye out for signs. Show love and support, comfort, and smile as you are there with them. Your presence is important.

Journeying with someone and listening to them, not always having some words to say, can still help someone going through a trial. It’s their test not yours. They may need you to just listen not talk.

Just start with loaning an ear while you care.

Walk and let them talk.

Smile all the while.

It’s better to show empathy not sympathy.

Reflect with respect, keep it healthy and clean, don’t be judgmental no matter what it may seem.

Right is right and wrong is wrong, be caring and supportive, encourage with empowering faith to help be strong.

Recommend solutions that have a long term effect. Follow up on your leads and keep yourself in check.

Pay attention to what’s on their mind. It don’t cost money to be kind. Respect is free and ignorance is costly.

Never let anyone consume too much of your time, so much so you lose energy and become drained.

Meet them halfway, or meet them where they are. Don’t allow your care for someone cause you to be pained.

-Chaplain Jamillah