Stop the Excess to gain Success

Going from endulging in negative excess, to achieving positive success.

Don’t excessively eat, no matter how good the treat.

Don’t excessively sleep, time is passing while you’re in so deep.

Don’t excessively talk, don’t have a mouth big as a hawk.

Don’t excessively keep company with people who bring you no benefit, those no faithful, gossiping, backbiting so called Friends that’s the end of it.

Don’t excessively look at things prohibited to see, inappropriate visions out in the open and what you do secretly.

Don’t excessively listen to things prohibited to listen to. Gossip, backbiting, things that’s not true.

Endulging in things too much can make you lose so much.

Be mindful of your actions,

Shaytan uses excessiveness as distractions.

Stay away from the excess if you want success!

I’m not playing, I’m just saying!

-Chaplain Jamillah

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