Going from endulging in negative excess, to achieving positive success. Don’t excessively eat, no matter how good the treat. Don’t excessively sleep, time is passing while you’re in so deep. Don’t excessively talk, don’t have a mouth big as a hawk. Don’t excessively keep company with people who bring you no benefit, those no faithful, […]

If I was a fly on the wall? I could see everything I missed. What was going on behind me. If I was a fly on the wall? I can witness so much. May even hear conversations. I could get so much information Just from being a fly on the wall. I could land near […]

Close as it seems, Two souls as one, United together, For Love or For fun? Maybe, to be United for just a moment in time, Perhaps being together determines how much we’re kind. Love, Power, Respect is always on the mind. Never give up on Us, you’ll only be wasting time. -Chaplain Jamillah