What makes a mind crazy? What makes a body lazy? What makes a man weak? What makes a mouth speak? What makes your actions go into action? What makes your deeds be blessed and to the Creator’s satisfaction? What makes anyone do the things they do? Let me break something down to you. There’s a […]

Believe in yourself, Don’t let what others say about you affect your belief. Stand firm on your belief, What you believe shows in your actions. Don’t be distracted or lose focus of who you are. Walk in your own shoes, Shine with your own light, Represent yourself who you believe you are. No one can […]

Step back and examine yourself, don’t worry or get discouraged, you’ve already passed that point still breathing, you’re just taking a look back to observe only to add wisdom to your future as you journey through life. Looking back, not going back but moving forward carefully and productively with the knowledge you’ve learned. -Chaplain Jamillah