If you Humble yourself, you will be honored, If you Honor yourself, you will be Humbled. That’s just how this world works. There are some kinks and perks. When someone Honors you, Even then don’t have too much pride, Stay Humble and be blessed and that ego you must hide. Once that Ego gets out […]

Welcome everyone, Lend me your ear, You’ll appreciate the Words I share. Absolutely! Me just being Me, I hope what you read makes you happy. I hope I can make a difference in your life and put a smile on your face. I’m praying for humanity, and trying to reach all souls all over the […]

Going from endulging in negative excess, to achieving positive success. Don’t excessively eat, no matter how good the treat. Don’t excessively sleep, time is passing while you’re in so deep. Don’t excessively talk, don’t have a mouth big as a hawk. Don’t excessively keep company with people who bring you no benefit, those no faithful, […]