LetLet me break it down for you,

I changed my life to a way that’s true,

Here today to explain to you,

I gave up things that had no value.

People think I did it for a man,

Ignorant folks don’t understand,

All it took was Allah’s command,

I worship the Creator not a man.

Our Lord is alive,

He never died.

Our Lord is the Greatest,

Non Believers hate us.

I strive to do good no matter what,

I pray for deliverance if I’m in a rut.

It works for me,

It can work for you,

Know that I trust and believe,

Every Word of Allah is True.


There is no one worthy of worship but the Creator of us all, so why worship money, cars, houses, and things that have no benefit to you on the day of Judgement? Over kill on possession and control can make you worship something not worthy of worship. -Chaplain Jamillah

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