Something happens and you’re hurt and suffering.

Life just took a hit and your whole being starts scuffling.

Looking and feeling things you never experienced before,

Exposed or disclosed you’re like the ship that needs to get to shore.

Way out in the Ocean sailing life waves,

This pain is lingering for too many days.

You want to drop the anchor and hope the pain stops,

But your mind is reluctant on where the anchor drops.

All alone no one to share,

Who else has the heart and would care?

As long as you stay focused and follow the guidance of the truth given to you,

No matter how much pain and suffering you endure; that truth will see you through.

You see beloved; pain is part of life and life is a test,

Pain will teach you how to take the levels of suffering,

and the heights of challenges,

to help you overcome anything life suggests.

Thoughts will fill your mind,

Feelings will fill your heart,

Negativity and confusion will lurk until you’re torn a part.

You don’t have to listen or obey to those feelings or thoughts suggested.

Keep in mind they are temporary and your faith is being tested.

If you have faith and trust in the truth when you’re suffering the pain,

Use that faith to fight the negative thoughts and feelings and allow the positive ones to remain.

Ponder on and remember the good, the truth, the wisdom discovered.

Your heart will pray even when your tongue has hovered.

Your heart will find satisfaction when you remember the truth during any despair,

With every difficulty there is ease, and with every ease there is difficulty; and let yourself be aware.

Observe your inner core, and watch your growth through any ordeal.

Notice the difference before and after your realization and discover the truth was Real!

Don’t let pain get the best of you,

Use it to get through,

Endure with patience and strength with the courage to become a new.

Know, trust and believe the Almighty got you!

-Chaplain Jamillah

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