Pray for Our People

Why does The Almighty Most High decree what He decrees? Can we even question the Creator?

Why do people view somethings as wrong when He does things in order and right?

Why do people consider death to be bad instead of just part of life and a decree to return back to the Creator?

What are thinking in the sense of right and wrong, good or bad, pain or suffering, happiness or relief?

What are we doing as a people to spread the truth?

Why are people so quick to uncover the faults of others or even hide the truth out of contempt for the people?

The truth will set you free and the truth will prevail. Stop telling lies and start respecting the truth and spread it.

Are we just living our lives not caring about our everlasting life?

By the way, all that is being done is recorded by the angels and the Almighty is watching all of us how we are responding.

When one part of the body is hurting the rest of the body should be hurting. We are one body! One Race! The Human Race! If you hurt I hurt. We all suffer if we all care about each other.

Suffering can teach you if it reach you. Pain is part of learning and the experience helps you to grow. That’s if you have the faith to trust and believe that it will pass after teaching you what you need to learn from that suffering.

People who are causing pain and suffering and who are doing wrong will not get away with their actions be it torture, slavery, or even murder. Those who are not doing right are going to be held accountable. Those who do good and enjoin what’s right and forbid what’s wrong will be rewarded for their good deeds. How many of us believe this?

Sure we claim to be believers but are we living up to that claim? There is power in prayer. Use it to defeat the enemy.

Recite the last revelation given to mankind to defeat our devout enemy. Leave no room for the enemy to win. All those who die from this in sha Allah will get Jennah. Those who are not disliking it in their hearts may join the ones doing wrong.  So dislike it in your heart. Speak out about it. You may not be able to stop it with your hands. All that is going on in the world is decreed to happen. All that is happening is recorded. All that will happen can be determined by your supplications. It is already decreed. The pen is lifted and the ink is dry. Only by supplication it can change, so try. Make the prayer.

If we all are on one accord pray for our brothers and sisters then we will win the battle of our souls that the evil ones strive to get and cause us to fail in our purpose of life. No matter what happens don’t think That The Almighty did not hear you. He did, and He will. Be patient and remain calm and steadfast in prayer.

Trust and believe victory will be ours. -Chaplain Jamillah

Respect Me!

Once you love and you’re secure,

Keep in mind the feelings you endure.

They’re just feelings you need to keep in check,

Love don’t mean nothing without the respect.

Love is a feeling and the heart feels its beat like a drum,

Don’t let the rhythm distract you that you forget where that love is from.

Love comes as a gift from the Almighty All Powerful Most Kindness,

And love is so powerful it can cause blindness.

When someone disrespects you, love is not present,

You have to ask yourself Where has it went?

Don’t get tricked by the false love of a hypocrite.

Be careful in falling in love and you’re not getting the right treatment,

Reserve and guard your heart don’t let anyone bring their deceivement,

Allah knows best and what’s good for us all,

Respect brings love and the feelings if you let rule you, may cause you to fall.

Don’t let individuals mistreat you and steal your love and kindness,

It’s okay to love, and care but don’t take disrespect as passive and be mindless.

You deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

Respect builds trust, it’s a must.

When its present it’s serenity.

So when I’m showing you love I respect you, and expect you, not to reject me,

So people should know,

No matter where I go,

You don’t have to like me

Or love me,

But you need to RESPECT ME!

-Chaplain Jamillah

Respect Reminder


You can have all the love in the world for a person, but without respect it does not mean a thing.

If you just so happen to love a person then the respect has to be there.
Mistakes are dealt with the respect and consideration of that love.

When you respect a person love comes.
When you respect a person a bond is made.
When you respect a person trust is built.
Respect over shadows any negative vibes.
I rather a person respect me first then love me.

Even if you have nothing for a person at least you can work together or deal with one another if all you have is respect.

Keep that common ground,

Respect one another,

Now that’s Amazingly profound.

-Chaplain Jamillah

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