Respect Reminder


You can have all the love in the world for a person, but without respect it does not mean a thing.

If you just so happen to love a person then the respect has to be there.
Mistakes are dealt with the respect and consideration of that love.

When you respect a person love comes.
When you respect a person a bond is made.
When you respect a person trust is built.
Respect over shadows any negative vibes.
I rather a person respect me first then love me.

Even if you have nothing for a person at least you can work together or deal with one another if all you have is respect.

Keep that common ground,

Respect one another,

Now that’s Amazingly profound.

-Chaplain Jamillah


Useing Self-Awareness is having the ability to recognize the things within oneself and know and understand oneself, being aware of your reaction to things, to have control and be able to manage oneself to possibly overcome those things when faced with difficulties that challenge your fears and feelings that arise in a moment of the here and now. -Chaplain Jamillah

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