Being Grateful

Thank You Allah!

I just want to thank the individuals who have been very patient with me and supportive. It’s been a long time and a wonderful journey. I made history and continue to make history. Helping Humanity is a passion that I love. Doing it without expecting anything in return. Just looking for Allah to help me and grant me Jennah. We are the best of mankind and we must obey our Creator and Give Him all the Praise He deserves. I pray for a successful venture into my talents and skills as I use them to reach others with good intentions. Reaching the Youth before their step into adulthood. Love and guidance is what they need through faith and truth. Peace and Blessings!

Allah has blessed me, I pray He blesses you too. Allah has gifted me a talent, I share with you. Allah has not left us without guidance, always be open to see, new things or things of familiarity. You might not recognize all the signs, just pray and ask the Lord to purify your minds. Our hearts need purification too. If it’s pure the rest of our limbs are too. Stay positive and honest when you are engaged in your dealings. Use your common sense don’t just go by your feelings. Follow the truth not your desires. Ascertain the truth don’t follow the liars. Never follow the foot steps of Shaytan. Stand still don’t move abruptly if you’re not clear what’s going on. Hold on to faith and keep up your prayers. Give Allah His praise and shed some tears. A hard heart has a dry eye. A softened heart can cry.

May Allah have mercy on all our souls forgive us for our short comings and raise us to the best of our intentions. Grant us the good in this life and the next. Guide us and protect us from the evil of others and the evil of ourselves. May Allah continue to show us the truth and help us to spread the truth. May Allah strengthen us and make us better than our old ways. May Allah protect our children and cover them with His Mercy. May Allah use Us in His cause and be pleased with us and accept our worship. Ameen

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