World Hijab Day 2019

Come February 1st 2019, it will be a celebration, on NYC Hall steps 12noon – 1pm Jummah.

We are celebrating World Hijab Day once again.

Nazama Khan will be there in sha Allah along with Madinah Abdul-kareem….. who were harassed and victimized for their hijab… share their stories of why we need this day to stand in solidarity with eachother.

Our hijab has a meaning and a purpose.

We invite you to come join us on this day for a positive cause.

Some women are forced to wear hijab, we pray for her.

Some women are forced to take it off, we pray for her,

Some women are free and happy to wear their hijab and not be ridiculed or hated on for it.

But we still have a problem and we have a voice…it’s our choice, it is our dignity and modesty at stake here.

Respect our right to cover, respect our choice of protection.

As Madinah shares her story on World Hijab Day, you will see why she chose to not retaliate but rather educate.

In the USA today we are Free In Hijab!

Suggestion: if you can’t make it to the City Hall Steps, wear a pink Hijab in solidarity with us.

Thank you, and may you have a blessed day -Chaplain Jamillah

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