If you Humble yourself, you will be honored,

If you Honor yourself, you will be Humbled.

That’s just how this world works.

There are some kinks and perks.

When someone Honors you,

Even then don’t have too much pride,

Stay Humble and be blessed and that ego you must hide.

Once that Ego gets out and that boast fulness feeling is going through in ya’

Be careful of the repercussions it just might ruin ya!

Relax, be yourself and shine with your light,

If you’re raise up to be a bright star by the Almighty, you’re alright.

Just don’t think you’re all that and then some,

Eat the Humble pie,

Be smart and wise,

Only the foolish look dumb.

Humbleness brings peace and tranquility,

Honoring yourself will bring you humility.

Remember to stay humble even when you’re being honored for the littlest thing.

That ego will creep up, and get you sooped up and you will mess up everything.

You’ll see others moving and shaking,

Their bank is caking,

Working hard to get where they are,

You’re feeling like you belong in that spot,

So you take a shot and show them all that you got,

Just so you can be a Star?

Sit down,

Don’t be a Clown,

Your time will come,

Stay Humble and blessed,

You will be Honored for all that you’ve done.

With that ego you might have to rumble,

The Almighty got you!

His promise is true.

Stay HUMBLE !!!

-Chaplain Jamillah

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