Community Crisis Chaplaincy

I truly believe that all people with faith and submission to God, that are practicing their faith, are already doing chaplaincy at some part and time of their life. It is the individuals that put their time and heart into doing it. If we can connect with or seek these individuals out we can build a team of Chaplains who give a true meaning to Servants of the Most High and humanitarians.

Myself as I do the work I do for the community knowing that Allah is pleased with me helps me continue to strive in His cause and be there for those in need. Helping people for the sake of Allah to gain the favors of Allah is my motivation.

I want to be a part of helping bring together the community in serving each other and educating the community on being prepared for life crisis and disasters or just situations that effect the daily life. Connecting individuals to resources in the community to provide a relief and some order for any chaos that they face and bring hope in the midst of despair.

I have spoken to others before about all communities having their own elite team. I purpose that leaders of communities train and educate individuals to be of service more than before. Some not for profits already do the work. I see communities that work together leading the Chaplaincy and heading the future with a positive out look on life.

Chaplains are trained to walk with the truth, believe in the truth and represent the truth. When something happens in our community, we should have a responding team of Community Crisis Chaplains on hand.

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