Humanity Needs Healing

Oh mankind, what are you suffering,

Your life is scrolling by,

The essence of it is buffering,

Once it’s done you’ll see the reality.

All the decisions you’ve made,

And your mentality.

What have you done with time?

What has been going through your mind?

Thinking of your destiny?

Asking yourself did I let life get the best of me?

Thinking about the here and the now?

Wanting the Jennah but don’t know how?

To achieve it,

How much of the truth,

do you believe it?

It’s promised to you,

It’s a reward for those who believe.

So all you have to do is believe and the Jennah you will receive?

Hmm, that simple eh,

Let’s see…

should I repeat myself?

Do you disagree?

Or do you want to hear the rest of what I have to say?

It’s okay,

I’m not going to take all day.

How do you feel when you’re told for by your efforts the Paradise you will receive? All you have to do is believe.


Well, don’t jump on that band wagon too soon of a heartbeat,

Hold that thought, don’t be too quick to claim that seat.

There’s a few things you need to accomplish before you and Allah meet.

I want to remind you of a piece of flesh in your body that needs your attention.

It’s your heart, and the limbs of its extensions.

Your mind,

Your body,

Your soul,

The mental, physical, and spiritual, when hit with tests takes a toll,

Do you think for one second you’re in control.

Think again, you only have as much control as your free will,

So what ever Allah’s will is

will be and you’re just gonna have to chill.

You see, you have free will and you have your soul,

That depends on you to manage its conditions from birth till you’re old.

Do you think you say you believe and not be tested?

Even non believers are put in their graves to be rested. They too, just like you will face the day of Judgement.

So no matter who you are, you will be judge by the Creator,  we need to get right with Allah, prepare for the later.

But are we really resting, when they’re are horrors of the grave.

That’s why for Allah we have to follow His beloved last and final Messenger and slave.

He was the best example and a Mercy to mankind,

He gave us so much to follow to condition ourselves to be kind.

How are we achieving his expectations,

How are we dealing?

We are suffering so much as people, humanity needs healing.

So much crime in thr world,

So much prejudice and hate.

I don’t know about you

But I want to walk through the Jennah gate?

What are we doing with our lives?

How are we coping and dealing?

Can’t we all see that Humanity

Needs Healing?

Wake up!

Rise up!

Stand up if you will,

Enjoin what is right

And fordid the bad,

The heated needs to chill.

We don’t have much time,

Allah says it’s a token,

I pray you take heed to Qur’an when it’s spoken,

Recite it yourselves it heals as it reveals,

You don’t have to deny the books before it just accept it as seal.

The message is the same,

Just perceived in a different time and era,

Care or don’t care

But you better care about the hereafter,

Don’t let the devil fool you,

He’s not your master.

He’s your devote enemy,

Allah warned you of his whisper,

And how about he runs free.

To distract you and attack you,

To forget your purpose in life.

Humanity needs healing,

We’re all affected by the strife.

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