You Need to Change


is not apart of the worship of Islam,

But you have non black Muslims treating Black Muslims with harm.

You can try and front and say you’re Muslim and that you’re not a racist.

Stop lying to yourself and face it.

Tell the truth, you don’t like Muslims that are darker than you,

Louder than you

Probably prouder than you

You don’t like anyone with dark skin,

Cause they’re not like you,

Your actions speak louder than words,

Your actions are absurd,

Allah is watching each and every one of you.

The mistreated black Muslims

That are being hurt by you

Will bear witness on the day of judgment

Against you,

Do you want that on your slate?

Or documented in your book.

You need to change

That’s going to be this poems hook!

You need to change

If you a racist

You need to change

Just face it

You need to change

Allah will not change a condition of a people until they change the condition that’s in their breast,

It’s unjust the treatment blacks receive,

On the Ummah is a test.

Yes racism exists amongst our Ummah

And it’s a Shame.

If we don’t follow the blueprint of the sunnah

We have ourselves to blame.

Have you not understood the ayats revealed from the Holy Qur’an?

Allah made us in Nations to get to know one another

Come on!

What part of the ayat you don’t understand

It’s not just a statement it’s a statement and a command.

At the same time

To inform you

How to treat each other

You are the Children of Adam

Sister and brother

Accept the fact

why you see different shades of skin.

We all are built the same


We all have a heart

And we all have a soul

We all have to obey

Every command

From the Qur’an

That we are told.

Unite in Unity

In your community

Stop isolating the black

People whether they are Muslims or not

If you treat people with respect ike the Prophet salallahu alaihi wa salaam

They might take their shahaadah on the spot.


Surely Allah knows best

Just follow the blueprint of the Prophet salallahu alaihi wa salaam

And Allah will do the rest.

You need to change

If you a racist

You need to change

Just face it

You need to change

We all need to learn how to get along,

Unite together strong

And boycott all the people who do wrong

Stop the racism and the hate

Stop fronting

And appreciate

That Allah is giving us

An opportunity to get right

We are in a PANDEMIC

We’re facing

A heck of a fight.

Try not attacking each other

And blaming each other

Another strain has taken flight.


And mutating

Invisible but in plain sight

Until we recognize

What the Creator

Wants us to see

It’s simple

We all need to change

Before no one is left in the Community

You need to change

If you a racist

You need to change

Just face it.


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