Stop the Violence and Hate on Asians

Stop the hatred

Stop the nonsense

You’re causing unnecessary pain

On a people that contribute

To making almost everything





Black, Yellow, Brown

You’re hating a human

That’s so inhumane

You’re disobeying Allah’s command

You’re ignorant to the fact

You don’t understand

We need to stand up

Be strong

And Boycott those who are wrong

Protect the innocent

And Unite with those who want PEACE

The hate & violence has to cease

Security, Safety and Happiness

We need to respect one another

Uplift one another

Stop causing other people stress

You love the Chinese food

And that Bubble Tea

Stop being rude

Asians are human

Like you and me

Don’t get me started

I’m dropping the truth

We all come from Adam and Eve

The Holy Scriptures Speak the proof

Remember from which you came

We are from different tribes and nations

We are Human the same

Hatred is a crime

Humanity is at war

Against one another

And What For?

As a matter of fact

Too much attack on Black

We’re always hated

Now Because of a virus

China is slated

Asian’s suffering violence

Through unnecessary hatred

It makes no sense

They should be appreciated

Respect equals love not hate

It’s not part of the equation

Stop the violence and hate

Against the Asians

What has to happen

Before it’s too late

Wise up humanity

STOP The Violence against the Asians and THE HATE!

©FromGlam2Islam 2021

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