Vaccinated-Why hate it?

Don’t you know????
The cure for every disease is blackseed, 

Obey Allah if you want to succeed, 

Trust Allah alone, 

You can get vaccinated
Or not… it’s the intention ….
You on your own.

Do not submit to shaytan or follow his Footstep, 

This Deen you must follow and the truth must be kept. 

You do not have to be sick to die,
Your mind is going in what direction?

It is only Allah that’s your protection. 

If you think, use, anything other than Him,
You subject to shirk
A Major sin.

And that sin may not be forgiven!

If you get the jab,
It’s not right or wrong,
Make sure your intentions are right,
And your trust & faith is strong.

The wisdom in all this is that you obey Allah,
Don’t think vaccines are protecting you, not by far

Just KNOW  Allah is your Protector,
If you get vaccinated or not,
Cause the Angel of death,
By command of Allah
Can take your soul on the spot.

I hope you understand and just keep in mind,
If anything reaches you, 
It’s Allah’s mercy all the time.
Belivers will be happy,
Non believers will be sad.
Believers don’t care about conspiracy theories, non believers 
They’ve been had.

Shaytans trick will make you sick,
So do what Allah has commanded
You will see the Victory,
And Shaytan 
He can’t stand it.

May Allah protect His servants and keep His servants safe and well protected.
Continue to trust in Allah
And make your Salah so you can be rightly directed.
Barakallahu feekum!
Chaplain Jamillah

Fromglam2islam šŸ˜‡

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