Talk A Good Talk

People like to talk
A good talk
But they don’t walk
A good walk
Telling us lies
Of events that
Happened before
We were born
Leaving generations
For centuries
They have tried to
Keep a race of people down
They’ve attacked our leaders
Look how they
Falsely keep locked up
H rap Brown
I don’t have to get in to every
Horrific event
But fighting
Blood shed
And tears
Is how our history
Was spent
And the Jews
All had to fight.
No Justice
No Peace
No matter which side was right.
In history everyone
Has a story to tell
On humanity
The guilty looking at hell.
It’s a wonder this earth
Has sopped up the blood
Shead by the foe
And we’ve buried
Our ancestors
Just as you know
Every year in
A month
Which use to be a week
Became a holiday
So we have a voice
To speak
Learn your history
No matter your race
Your history
Is your truth
No one can
You’re making history
And witnessing
It too
Be able to tell your history
Don’t let it
Be dictated to you.
Your life is valuable
And has a worth
Be the king or Queen
You are
On this Earth
Establish your Deen
The way of life prescribed
To you
The Creator is Greater
His Promise is true.
He Made you the best of man kind
Pull your generation up
Don’t leave no one behind
Malcolm X
Martin Luther King
Spoke about Freedom
And letting it ring
Fighting for
Justice and equality
From Segregation
After the Emancipation proclamation
Still open discrimination
No appreciation
Knee on neck
No respect
Like let me see your hands
I can’t breath man
No reason to step out the car
For them to take it so far
Hate crime
All the time
Will our babies see the next day shine
We want our children to understand
Teach them the truth about their history
Along with the Creators commands
Teach our youth to be leaders
And give them the love and guidance
They need to lead.
Give them all the assets for them to succeed.
Teach them to
Unite for justice
It’s the right thing to do
We’ll see more victory
In our History
May The Almighty Bless You!!!!

Chaplain Jamillah Abdul-Kareem

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